Who we are

Trust is just one of the things we build well.

Who we are?

PMG Structruals Pvt. Ltd it was founded in 1965 by Sri Ponnam Madana Gopala Rao with its headquarter in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh, India) in the field of Engineering & Professional Services. PMG was awarded as a best industry in 2002 and 2010. We started our operations with Architectural & Structural Design Consultancy. Over the period of time the scopes of services were extended in the field of Composite girders, structural frames for solar panels and high rise buildings for our clients.

Our services are intelligent, cost efficient and offered in the market. We are committed to encourage the principles of skillful design and present exceptional quality and adequate of the spaces we create. Our team has mastered in the art of optimization and has innovative designs which are internationally competitive in both cost and quality. Our meticulous implementation of our design solutions has set us become trend setters and leaders in the design community. We believe that our persistence and dedication will ensure further success nationally and globally.